Mondo di Laura

Il Mondo di Laura bakes artisanal cookies out of love and passion. Using the best ingredients these handmade delicacies are manufactured one by one, according to unique recipes, so that the magnificent flavour and perfectly-balanced taste can be fully appreciated. Each cookie is baked without milk and preservatives. They are Kosher certified and constitutes a healthy and tasty bite for any moment of the day.


Laura Raccah, who is from Rome, started her passion for cookies as a child, when she helped her grandmother, Clementina, to knead dough for homemade desserts. Later in life she attended a hotel school with the same passion, completed several professional training courses and travelled around the world in search of her ideal recipes.

Journey of Life

With this journey of life Laura has realized her dream: her own artisanal patisserie in Rome. All her experience in Italy and abroad, her family history and her personal inspiration are used in creating her beloved cookies.


Wisdom, passion, dedication and curiosity. They all stand for Mondo di Laura, and each cookie tells this story.

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