The Rossano area has always been fertile soil for the growing of licorice root. Ever since the 16th century, the Amarelli family have harvested these sweet roots for consumption. In 1731 Giorgio Amarelli was the first one to successfully extract juice from licorice root, and process it into licorice. Now, centuries later, Amarelli is a leading brand in the world of confectionary.

Tradition and progress

Amarelli products are successful because of a combination of traditional knowledge and modern production processes. Ancient knowledge of the qualities of licorice root and other natural ingredients, combined with new ways of processing, bring out the best in Amarelli confectionary.

Tastefull in all

Licorice, chocolates and all other Amarelli sweets are delivered in beautiful, Italian-style packaging. The products are both, tasteful and in the way they are presented a wonderful addition to any product range.

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