Importer of traditionally made Italian chocolate confectionary

Italy is the country of the senses. The tastes of food and drinks, the beautiful landscapes and Mediterranean sounds carry you away and make you realize this one thing: Italy is a country to fall in love with.

Italians know how to enjoy life. Traditional recipes give their products a characteristic Italian flavour. Their chocolate is an outstanding example of this.

My name is Marica Anker, and like many others I fell in love with this beautiful country and its flavours. It has become my passion to let as many people as possible experience the tastes of Italy. This is how MariCase came into being.


Love is most beautiful when you can share it. Fortunately, Italy is my great love and I can share it with everyone in the delicious taste of its chocolate.


Travelling and food are about the same: discovery. New places, tastes and experiences enrich your life in a way nothing else can.


Italy is a country of traditions. Recipes have been passed on and perfected by many generations. This is what makes their chocolate so delicious.


In Italy they know how to enjoy life. Why else is their food so wonderful? With the chocolate of MariCase I bring that feeling of joy to the Netherlands.


The Italian city of Pontedera is mainly known for its Piaggio factory and its Vespa-Piaggio museum. However, outside the city walls, in the lush, green countryside Amedei can be found. The beauty of this landscape is reflected in the delicious taste of their chocolate.

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Marchesi de San Giuliano

San Giuliano is an estate in Sicily which has belonged to the Marchesi Paterno Castello di San Giuliano for 800 years. This part of Sicily boasts a remarkable fertile soil which makes it ideal for the cultivation of citrus fruits.

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Paolo Mencarelli gets the best ingredients from all over the world to the Italian town of Castelplanio. In this village, which lies in the Alta Vallesina region, Paolo’s workshop can be found, where he makes his chocolate of worldly quality.

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Constant product development based on classic recipes, that’s Maglio. Craftsmanship is key in this family business. Recipes are passed on from generation to generation and adapted to the demands of the time.

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The story of Leone started in a small shop in the Italian town of Alba, in 1857. In this place Luigi Leone produced delicious, tasteful confectionery to offer to his customers.

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Antonio Mattei

Even before Italy became an independent country, Antonio Mattei had started his own shop and factory in 1858. It was in the Tuscan town of Prato that he began baking his products to his own recipe, and selling them.

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In 1731 Giorgio Amarelli was the first one to successfully extract juice from licorice root, and process it into licorice. This was the start of the Amarelli brand.

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To make it possible to spread the authentic taste of Italian chocolate, we need new partners who share our love for this product. Please contact MariCase to enrich your store, delicatessen or restaurant with our products to offer.


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